Your dog will be groomed in the van on your driveway. The van is equipped with water, tub, grooming table and all the necessary equipment to groom your dog professionally.

    Services include:

    • Nail trims, filing and “pawlish”
    • Ear cleaning and removal of excessive hair in the ear canal
    • Mat removal
    • Undercoat removal
    • Carding and hand-pulling rough coated breeds
    • Puppy cuts (same length all over)
    • Breed profile cuts to suit your particular pedigree of dog
    • Styling according to the best needs of your pet’s lifestyle and health
    • Gentle bathing with shampoos formulated for your pet’s skin type and color
    • Deep conditioning rinse/de-shedding products
    • Powerful drying system to blow out undercoat
    • Cologne, Bandanna and Bows available